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We believe in future of food business

We have developed a revolutionary piece of technology that allows to automate all business processes of catering facilities.

GrillBox robotic complex is fully automated, from accepting order to packaging and delivering to customer.

In this module, control, create, save your personal taste through an app.

Control your business with help of our GrillBox Management System

We will provide full insfrastructure of your business. From Raw Materials to Marketing/Sales

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GrillBox AI System

GrillBox Robotic Complex is Fully automated. 24/7 working time. Fully automated processes for order acceptance, product management balances, financial and
commodity accounting, payment for order, management timely maintenance of equipment.

Control everything through an app

From Creating account, ordering a dish, modificating your personal taste (Based on customer preferences, for each dish, is formed a kind of “digital recipe”, unique to each customer) to Delivery Time and Payment.

Control your business

Control your business with help of our GrillBox Management System. System will provide all information of your business. From ordering raw materials, analytic data, marketing, sales.


We will provide you with full integration, infrastructure and marketing solutions for your business. From Raw Material providers, Maintanence, to Food Packaging solutions and Sales.