Next-Gen Food Solutions

We are committed to helping our clients to get more than solution for automated food prepation process. We are developing the world’s first autonomous robotic complex to automate food preperation and business processes¬†, which we will be launching in the future.

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About Us

We are a team of robot developers and food technologists, and we are creating a autonomous robot for the HoReCa sector. We have a great solution for contactless food production and sales.

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Take your business to the next level

The idea of GRILLBOX was born from a genuine desire to share knowledge with the community in order to build lasting relationships through passion and hospitality. We believe that we should never compromise on quality nor quantity; rather enjoy real grill flavour.

Innovative approach on food business comes to life

The world's first automated robotic complex for full automation of food business processes

GrillBox AI system

GrillBox complex is fully automated – no human intervention.

From accepting order to delivering it to the customer.

Cooks Perfectly And Consistently Everytime.

Control everything from an app

Depending on your personal preferences,  customer can change four tastes of your dish (1.Salty 2. Sweet 3. Spicy 4. Sour) through an app.

Take control of your business

Control your business through GrillBox Management System. From ordering to sales.


We Provide Full Infrastructure and Marketing sollutions For Your Business

Business opportunity

Our mission is simple. To provide all our customers with right business solutions at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. So if you are have opportunity to start food business… Contact us!